osu bot update 2021.09.12

#osu -

A few days ago I said I'd make new blog posts after updating my osu bot. Well, here we are, and with a significant update, too.

Ranked lobbies

When playing osu in multiplayer, you can now join matches titled "RANKED LOBBY", which you can notice have been created by a guy named "kiwec". Actually, they're created by a bot, which tracks your scores across random maps, and ranks you against every other player who joined a ranked lobby at some point.

Unlike osu's performance points, your ranking can't be farmed by playing more. It's based on how consistent you are at winning against your opponents. In order to get a better ranking, you actually have to get better at the game.

If you're curious about the specific ranking algorithm being used, I chose Elo-MMR, which unlike Glicko-2 and other standard rating systems, works in multi-competitive scenarios. As in, you are rated in 1v16 matches, not just glorified 1v1s. I had to port it to JavaScript, since it came out relatively recently, so if you're building an open source project, feel free to check out elo_mmr.js here.

The future

Ranked lobbies were what this bot was meant to be from the start. Besides small tweaks here and there, I don't have new features in mind for the bot.

Since ranked matchmaking is one of the features planned for osu!lazer, this bot will hopefully provide early feedback for the osu developers. I'm mostly interested about the viability of Elo-MMR, which hasn't been used outside of academic experiments as far as I am aware.